May 22, 2024

Introducing Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Data breaches and Unethical hacking news are grabbing headlines nowadays, hackers are desperately looking to find the new security bugs and exploit them. Considering the above challenges we have launched Bugv, a crowdsourced cyber security and bug bounty platform. We used to have Bug bounty programs only, but now we have added VDP also in our platform to improve the security bases around the country.  We believe the addition of VDP to our platform will help aspiring security researchers sharpen their skills before trying on bug bounty programs. We hope the business will also maximize this opportunity by detecting the vulnerabilities they have in their systems.

What is the Vulnerability Disclosure Program? (VDP)

A Vulnerability Disclosure Program establishes clear guidelines for researchers to disclose security vulnerabilities to enterprises, while also assisting organizations in mitigating risk by supporting and facilitating vulnerability disclosure and fixes before they are exploited. Vulnerability Disclosure Programs are often composed of program scope, a safe harbour provision, and a mechanism of treatment. Vulnerability Disclosure Programs doesn’t provide any monetary rewards to the researchers and the researcher can disclose their bugs in their community.

Why is the Vulnerability Disclosure Program important? (VDP)

  • VDPs provide a centralized location for third-party reporting of vulnerabilities, allowing security teams to promptly review and remedy them.
  • VDPs reduce the likelihood of someone publicly disclosing a flaw without the organization’s knowledge. When someone discovers a vulnerability and publicly reports it, it alerts both clients and hackers to the weakness. This approach devalues the brand’s reputation and puts the organization in significant danger.
  • Through a VDP, hackers can discover vulnerabilities. Identifying holes before bad actors do enables organizations to correct vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers.
  • VDPs also provide transparency into the kind, amount, and severity of vulnerabilities that organizations confront. Understanding the attack surface and typical repair time frames enables organizations to enhance their systems and procedures and develop responses to cybersecurity.
  • Through authentication reports, VDPs will assist organizations in passing audits and providing proof of compliance.

If you are willing to launch your VDP program at Bugv, then please send your email at [email protected] or apply via 

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