November 29, 2023

Pokhara Food Delivery launched Bug Bounty Program

Pokhara Food Delivery, an online food delivery service in Pokhara aims to provide a safer and better online food delivery service to its customers. Established in June 2019, it delivers food from 115 restaurants around Pokhara valley. With over 5000 downloads, it is gaining popularity day by day. This app is available in both android and iOS platform. The main aim of this company is to provide a better and more reliable online service without compromising its customer’s privacy. Many online and e-commerce site in Nepal are facing these issues of unethical hacking and breaching which has questioned the reliability and trustworthiness towards e-commerce site. This is especially more common in other food delivery apps, which faced these similar issue. This in turn questioned the reliability to such online platforms due to which many Nepalese are still suspicious of registering in such apps.

PFD wants to make sure that these problems are not encountered and they are able to provide secure online service without compromising on customer’s privacy and wants to be the first online food delivery app to do so. For this, PFD is registered to Bugv for identifying any bugs and glitches that affect their better customer service. “We are committed to the better and safer service where our customer’s privacy and ease to use the app is our primary concern, we are not going to compromise on them. Our customer satisfactions comes first” added Mr. Prasiddha- founder of PFD. According to one of the restaurant owner registered in this platform is happy to use this app. He further added – the reason, I am happy to register in this company is because of their online safety concern which focuses more on cyber security and hence doesn’t compromise on this. I feel secure dealing with them and I am happy with the efforts put forward from the team of PFD.

So, Why are people registering with Bugv and What is Bugv ? According to Naresh Lamgade, founder of Bugv, “Bugv is a crowdsourced security platform which brings national and international ethical hackers in one space”. He further added – “We aim to provide this service in Nepal with an aim of maintaining a secure environment for all the e-commerce and online companies in Nepal. This will provide a better and safer online services where the companies can keep their product on the platform to check if there are any bugs or glitches”. With an increasing numbers of digital platforms in Nepal, customer’s privacy and their data safety is a primary concern. To prevent these issues, the company has built a platform for businesses to get solutions on cyber security issues. Mr. Lamgade, who is currently working at the office of the Prime Minister of Nepal as a cybersecurity expert is keen to provide cybersecurity consulting and wants to further grow the digital platform in Nepal under safe and sound environment. More than 500 Ethical hackers have already joined and the number is increasing day by day.

Mr. Prasiddha, founder of PFD is happy to receive this service from Bugv. He wants to make his delivery service more secure and reliable for his customers. He further added, – “If a digital platform wants to gain more trust from the people, they have to focus more on the security and privacy of their customers”. Looking at the previous experience of other online app that faced similar problems, Bugv looks to be the perfect solution for cyber security of digital platforms in Nepal.


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