July 21, 2024

CSRI Nepal Launched Vulnerability Disclosure Program

The Center for Cyber Security and Research Innovation (CSRI) was established as part of the cybersecurity domain Research Program.

The CSRI is focused on delivering industry-driven cybersecurity analysis outcomes that have an impact and address real-world cybersecurity issues with innovative solutions.

CSRI Nepal has recently created a Vulnerability Disclosure Program with Bugv to safeguard the user’s data, personal information, and the security of their servers.

Bugv is the first bug bounty and vulnerability coordination platform from Nepal that connects businesses with penetration testers and cybersecurity researchers. We are a crowd-sourced cybersecurity platform where we have security researchers all around the globe and they are ready to get things started for your safer internet journey.

We are really enlightened to have CSRI Nepal as our partner. Bugv is confident in its ability to provide a safer and more secure service to its clients.

Bugv was formed to improve the global security infrastructure, and by adding new companies to our platform and by providing quality services to our clients we believe that we are reaching closer to our goal every day.

Register at Bugv at https://bugv.io/signup and start hacking!

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