November 29, 2023

5 Reasons Why company needs to start Bug Bounty Program

Inviting users to test your system/apps to find vulnerabilities might sound crazy and a bit insecure at the beginning but that’s the new way to using and utilizing the power of crowdsourced to make your systems/application more safe and secure and also keeping the security community connected.

Bugv is a Next Generation Penetration Testing platform where we connect businesses with cybersecurity experts/researchers/ethical hackers from all over the world.

Here are five reasons why you need to start your bug bounty program:

1) Discover More Vulnerabilities

When you will be working with the crowdsourced, they will be uncovering hidden vulnerabilities in your apps/system as the crowd will be testing your products for vulnerabilities.

2) Affordability

“Results are rewarded, efforts are not”, same applies to bug bounties, as you will be only paying for the vulnerabilities identified not for the testing time or anything, just for the results. If there are no vulnerabilities then you don’t have to pay and the good thing about that is, you can decide how much you want to pay, you can set your own budgets and limits. Btw, Bugv is completely free for startups.

3) Continuous Security

This is one of the best reasons why you want to start your bug bounty program. Once you start, you will be having continuous security of your product even without paying extra as everyday someone new user/researcher might be testing your products for vulnerabilities with different kinds of prospects using different kinds of skillsets.

4) Proving Vulnerability Disclosure Platform

If someone finds vulnerabilities in your systems/apps, where to report them? but when you start your bug bounty program then everyone will be reporting security vulnerabilities to your product. It’s like providing a platform for security researchers/experts to report vulnerabilities and even being connected with the security community.

5) Perform Next Gen Pentesting

Here brilliant security expert/ethical hackers/penetration tester will work together to find security vulnerabilities in your product from various prospects using various skillsets and help you to make your product secure. It’s like hiring 3000+ security experts all at a time.

And extract bonus.

6) Bit of Marketing

As enrolling in a new platform and performing next-generation pentesting, can create some hype on the market regarding in terms of security to your product, and mostly your product/apps will be known to the security community.


About Bugv


Bugv is a Next Generation penetration testing platform where we connect businesses with cybersecurity experts/researchers/ethical hackers from all over the world.

If you are interested to run bug bounty program for your application/system, please signup here. or email us at 

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