May 22, 2024

Hacker Spotlight : Susant Wagle @sus3nt

This week, we’re celebrating one of our finest researchers, “Susant Wagle,” also known as ” @sus3nt,” for his recent great achievement on our Bugv platform.

By putting him in the limelight, we were able to ask him a variety of questions regarding his path, problems, methods, motivation, and how it has influenced their social and professional lives.

We hope that his story will motivate our fellow hackers and those considering joining our platform.

His responses to the questions that were presented to him are as follows:

1) How did you come to know about hacking? 

I have been interested in computer games since childhood. We had to pay for coins in the game. I didn’t have money to pay so I wanted other methods to gain coins. I found software patches online and I started to learn different hacking methods through Youtube and Google. I went deeper into this area and finally went towards the field of hacking.

2) What motivates you to hack and how long have you been into hacking? 

I found that the salary for Penetration Testers is high and they gain a reputation in the field of Information Technology. I have been into hacking since 2019 when I got my first bug in Facebook. It was an awesome moment in my life. 

3) How do you choose a program?

I usually choose programs with larger scope due to easy understanding of the site map.

4) Who is your inspiration?

I got my inspiration from Ben Sadeghipour (@NahamSec) and Heath Adams (@thecybermentor). I learned from their videos, blogs and online courses.

5) What advice would you give to hackers?

Firstly, go through the fundamentals before diving into bug bounty. Read blogs, watch youtube videos, follow hackers on Twitter and GitHub. Play CTF and watch walkthrough videos. The main point is to practice more and more. Read books like “The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook”, “Bug Bounty Bootcamp: The Guide to Finding and Reporting Web Vulnerabilities”, “Linux Basics for Hackers” and “The Hacker Playbook (Series)”.

6) What is your favorite bug type and why?

 My favorite bug type is the business logical bug because it is easier to find and can help to get high payment. 

 7) What are a few of your favorite hacking/security tools?

 Burp Suite, Nmap, Sqlmap, Dirbuster, Gobuster, Hydra.

8) What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t hacking?

Riding a bike, traveling to different places, spending time with my friends and family, talking about cyber security issues with friends, updating myself with current technologies, and reading novels.

  9) What is a quick hacking tip or technique that you recommend?

 Go through exploit dB and CVEs, security vulnerabilities that were disclosed previously, and how they were patched. 

 10) How have bug bounties impacted your life?

 I have found my strength through bug bounty. I finally found what I am capable of. This has provided me with motivation to move forward in my career.

 11)  How much time do you spend hunting bugs?

 I usually spend 4-5 hours a day hunting bugs.

 12) Do you have any favorite tools or resources to learn? What do you do to keep up with all the new trends?

 My favorite resource for keeping myself updated with new trends is Medium and my favorite tool is Burp Suite.

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