November 29, 2023

Introducing Hacker Spotlight

Ethical hackers, cybersecurity researchers, penetration tester, and all other infosec people are the main core of any crowdsourced cybersecurity platform. We would like to thank all our users/customers for supporting and being with us.

All our users/researchers have their own struggles, motivation, inspirations, and challenges that they have come across to be a proven hacker. Everyone has their own story of their journey. To know about their story in detail and inspire fellow ethical hackers and making other people aware of their journey and inspiring them to be the ethical hacker our world needs, we have decided to come up with a corner where we will be covering such a beautiful journey of our hacker under the ‘Hacker Spotlight’.

On spotlight, we will be asking our hackers a different set of questions that will enlighten us about their journey, their struggles, their methodologies, and how it has impacted their social and professional life, etc.

We will be selecting our platform’s best hackers on the basis of their performance and we will be covering their story in our spotlight. Thus “Hacker Spotlight” is believed to motivate and relate to other fellow hackers and normal people to know the hacker’s side of the story.

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