May 22, 2024

Itsrickyy: First Hacker to Cross 100000 Bounty From Bugv

We are super excited to announce that our top security researcher @itsrikky has surpassed NPR. 1,00,000 as a bounty reward from the platform.

Bugv is a crowdsourced cyber security platform that connects businesses with ethical hackers/security experts, bug bounty hunters from all over the world. Rikesh has joined Bugv as a security researcher from the early days of our platform. Rikesh has shown his excellent performance on our platform and has been actively participating at all our programs and dropping critics on them. According to Rikesh, his favorite program was Gyapu, which eventually helped him to surpass 100K after their recent bounty payout.
Meanwhile, Rikesh has also surpassed 500 points at Bugv and is currently the #1 on our Bugv Leaderboard.

Based on his recent excellent performance on our Bugv platform, we have previously also featured him at our Hacker Spotlight which you can read at here.

We wish Rikesh to mark more milestones with us and wish him very good luck for his future endorsement and we would also like other researchers to try harder to create new milestones so that we can cover your story as well.

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